SoloProtect Insights

The power behind our solution: onboarding, training, device/app allocation, reporting, location data, alarm evidence, risk messaging, and more.

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How it works

SoloProtect Insights is central to the effective management of your lone working teams and is essential to any successful solution deployment – at onboarding and implementation stages, and in terms of ongoing management across the whole contract length. The feature-rich online platform can be accessed from anywhere and on any device and helps to ensure a measurable return on investment, reduced administration, and greater visibility of your mobile teams.

SoloProtect Insights: The power behind our solution

Why we built Insights

Simple user onboarding and integrated device/app training.
Access genuine alarm reports and evidence for training or legal proceedings.
Send automated reports to key stakeholders about device/app usage and more.
Create user groups and empower team managers to manage the safety of their own staff.
Access user location information to facilitate operational decisions.
Send urgent risk messages directly to your colleagues if an incident occurs.


Easily allocate devices or app licenses to users, manage the details of escalation contacts, and check the progress of online training as the solution is being rolled out.


Access a wealth of reporting dashboards including alarm, usage and location reports, and automate the distribution of reports to key stakeholders.


Request audio relating to genuine alerts to streamline any legal proceedings and support employee training.


The cloud-based system makes the end-to-end management of the solution extremely easy for everyone involved in implementation, delivery and review.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do customers have to pay extra to access SoloProtect Insights?

No, access to SoloProtect Insights is available for all our customers as standard.

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Can I give my team managers access to Insights to manage their own teams?

Yes, you can easily structure Insights to reflect the structure of your organization and give managers access to manage their own teams.

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Who in my organization should use SoloProtect Insights?

It's not just your compliance, risk management, and health and safety teams who will reap the benefits of SoloProtect Insights, it's operations, finance, field managers, HR, training, senior management, and more.

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Is "Single Sign On" available for SoloProtect Insights?

Yes, Single Sign On is available for our Insights platform to making logging in more streamlined. Please chat to us about your requirements.

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