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"The SoloProtect lone worker devices instil a sense of security, providing our employees with peace of mind, knowing that help is just a button press away."

“As an Administrator, it gives me access to generate automated reports to monitor usage. Managers have recently been given their own access to the portal so will be reviewing their own team reports going forward.”

"The SoloProtect device gives staff the reassurance that, if there were an incident, they would get the help that was needed."

"Having used the SoloProtect ID device for well over four years now, I have complete trust in the solution. If you ever feel you’re entering an uncomfortable situation, you have a discreet way of raising an alarm."

"The SoloProtect solution offers a discreet device that allows our employees to carry out their duties with peace of mind."

"We find it easy to use and, because it looks like an ID badge, it’s very discreet; we can call for help without letting anyone else in the vicinity know that an alert has been raised."

"Since adopting a SoloProtect lone worker solution, we’ve been pleased with how easily the solution has been adopted by our workforce and the positive impact it’s had on our operations."

"The ID device is easy to wear, simple to use, and looks like something that an engineer might be wearing anyway, meaning clients are unlikely to question its purpose."

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