Monitoring Timer

In areas with low signal, the Monitoring Timer offers extensive protection and peace of mind to your lone and remote working employees.

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How it works

In low (or zero) signal areas, how can a lone or remote worker call for help in an emergency? Any device or phone will be useless if it cannot connect to a cellular or 4G signal. Our Monitoring Timer feature allows a timer to be set before the worker enters a poor signal area. If the timer expires before being manually cancelled, an alert is raised in our Monitoring Center and an operator will follow a pre-agreed escalation process to confirm their whereabouts and safety.

Ultimate protection, wherever you are.

Why have a Monitoring Timer?

Provides peace of mind to workers in areas of low signal.
Helps to ensure uninterrupted work schedules.
Demonstrates duty of care commitments towards employees.
Empowers workers to choose appropriate support following a dynamic risk assessment.
Available on all dedicated lone worker safety devices.


The lone worker device user sets the Monitoring Timer before entering a low-signal area.


Upon safely returning to an area with a cellular signal, the worker cancels the timer.


If an incident occurs and the timer runs out, operators in our Monitoring Center are alerted.


A pre-agreed escalation process is followed and attempts are made to locate the worker and confirm their safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of areas may have a low, zero or variable signal?

Examples of low signal areas include rural locations where cellular infrastructure is less developed; areas with geographical features that limit mobile network services due to topography e.g. mountainous regions; and building structures, materials, or underground spaces that inhibit mobile network availability.

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Which devices have the Monitoring Timer feature?

The Monitoring Timer feature is available on all of SoloProtect's touchscreen devices: the ID Touch, Shield and Curve.

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How does Monitoring Timer work?

The device user sets the Monitoring Timer before entering an area with a poor signal. This also activates a timer within our Emergency Monitoring Centre system. When the worker finishes their task and returns to an area with a stronger signal, they manually stop the timer before it expires. If the timer expires without being cancelled, our operators will begin a pre-agreed process of escalation and attempt to locate the worker to confirm their safety.

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