Red Alert (Panic Button)

A Red Alert is a 24/7 emergency panic button, designed to quickly get help to your lone workers at the push of a button.

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How it works

If a user’s personal safety is under threat, a quick press of the Red Alert button will open a discreet 1-way call with an operator in our Monitoring Center. The operator will quickly locate the device, verify the seriousness of the incident and send help to where it’s needed. Available on all devices and apps.

When the button is pressed, our operators are listening in just 4 seconds

Benefits of a Red Alert

24/7 peace of mind for your workers
Removes the need to dial 911
Extremely discreet support
Rapid response when you need it most
Access audio evidence after an incident
Can be used in the event of an attack, abuse, accident or heath issue


If a worker's personal safety is compromised, they press the Red Alert button on their device.


Within moments the lone worker is connected to an operator in our Monitoring Center.


The highly-trained operator will quickly locate the worker and risk assess the situation.


Emergency services are dispatched and/or a manager responds to the incident.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Red Alert "Panic Button"?

A Red Alert is essentially an alarm button that triggers a 1-way voice call from the lone worker’s personal safety device, or safety app, to the Monitoring Center. Here the incident is swiftly passed to an emergency dispatch operator who listens to the event, verifies its nature, and then escalates it appropriately.

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When should I open a Red Alert?

A Red Alert should be opened by a single alarm button press if a user is clearly facing a risk to their personal safety. The risk could be a social one, specifically linked to aggression – or an environmental one, that is likely to result in injury to the worker.

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What is the value of a Red Alert?

The real value of the Red Alert is the response the Monitoring Center can provide on the lone worker’s behalf. The operator’s emergency training is key to understanding what is happening to the worker and ensuring the best possible outcome for that individual through a robust escalation process.

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What happens when I open a Red Alert?

A Red Alert will open a one-way call to the Monitoring Center. As a Red Alert is manually opened via the push of a panic button the SoloProtect Operator will not speak back to the user directly through the device (in case it is a duress situation that could intensify it further).

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