The Check-In feature allows a user to record a short message, providing information about their location and activity to inform any subsequent alerts.

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How it works

A Check-In is a short, recorded voice message left via the device or app which provides contextual information about a worker's current location and activity. In the event of an emergency, the recorded information is accessed by a Monitoring Center Operator and used in conjunction with geolocation data to help them build a picture of the worker's location and what type of risks they might be facing. The Monitoring Center Operator can then facilitate a quick, informed response.

Performed as part of a dynamic risk assessment

Why Check-In matters

Provides vital information to our operators in the event of an emergency
Allows for a quicker alert verification and, therefore, a more efficient escalation
Works in conjunction with the geolocation technology within the lone worker device or mobile phone
Forms a key part of a lone worker's dynamic risk assessment and promotes regular device usage
Encourages all involved to make 'duty of care' a shared responsibility.
Available as standard on all devices and mobile app solutions.


A lone worker arrives at a new location, begins a new activity or identifies a new risk.


The worker records a short voice message detailing their name, current location and activity, and any perceived risks.


A Red Alert or Man Down incident occurs and our Monitoring Center is alerted to an incident.


The operator listens to recent Check-In messages to facilitate a quick, informed response.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of information should be communicated via a Check-In message?

Full name, current address (including zip code), current activity and any apparent or possible risk.

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When should a Check-In message be left?

A Check-In message should be performed as part of a dynamic risk assessment - particularly when arriving at a new location or starting a new activity.

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Where are Check-In messages stored?

Check-In messages are stored securely within SoloProtect's Monitoring Center and are only accessed by highly trained operators in the event of an emergency. Check-In messages are not issued to a lone worker's employer.

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Is the Check-In feature available on all devices and apps?

Yes, the Check-In feature is part of our core safety functionality and is therefore available on all of our lone worker safety devices and apps.

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