24/7 Monitoring Center

The Monitoring Center is a 24/7, state-of-the-art environment, where highly-trained operators deliver the best possible response for your lone workers.

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How it works

The SoloProtect Monitoring Center is a state-of-the-art facility that handles all of the lone worker alarms generated by SoloProtect users in the US. It's equipped with class-leading technology to ensure optimal uptime and physical and cyber security protection.

After a Red Alert is raised, our experienced operators are listening in just 4 seconds

Our Monitoring Center

Operates an uninterrupted 24/7/365 service.
Operators are Advanced Emergency Medical Dispatcher (AEMD) certified and CPR trained.
Highest level of physical and cyber security.
ETL listed for compliance to the UL827 standard (the US Standard for Central Station Alarm Services).
Members of The Monitoring Association where all operators receive Monitoring Center Operator Level 1 Online Training.
Equipped to handle calls in over 230+ languages.


Upon activation, a lone worker device or app will make an outbound call to our Monitoring Center.


Within an average of 4 seconds, that call is answered by a highly-trained operator who will continue to listen and monitor.


The operator will also locate the device, listen to Check-In messages and use all the information available to verify the seriousness of the incident.


In a Red Alert scenario, within just 41 seconds, the operator is ready to begin initiating a response e.g. alerting the emergency services or a colleague.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do customers have to pay extra to use the Monitoring Center?

No, access to our Monitoring Center is available for all our customers as standard.

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Do you comply with Oregon Alarm Licensing?

Yes, we do to meet the needs of the security industry in Oregon.

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When the Red Alert button is pressed, how quickly do Monitoring Centre operators connect and listen in to the device?

From the point that the call connects to our Monitoring Center, one of our operators is listening to the audio in just over four seconds. To successfully verify the seriousness of an incident and begin escalations, on average it takes just 41 seconds. That's fast!

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Can alarm calls be directed to a manager rather than the Monitoring Center?

No. Our 24/7/365 Monitoring Center is a very important part of our service to customers. Our operators and systems are equipped to quickly deal with high pressure situations to ensure the best possible outcome.

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