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Medically consulted injuries In the manufacturing industry (NSC - 2021 - USA)
deaths in the manufacturing industry (NSC - 2021 - USA)
deaths in the manufacturing industry (NSC - 2021 - USA)

Manufacturing Risks

High level of slips, trips and falls
Equipment, electrical and guarding issues
Hazardous materials and waste management
Lack of appropriate training for high-risk tasks
Operating large, heavy machinery
Fire safety
The Shield is popular with manufacturing workers

This device is small enough to not get in the way but rugged enough to withstand the work of an active role. But we understand that one size doesn't fit all! So why not mix and match to suit the requirements of your team?

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Benefits for the Manufacturing industry

Reduced liability
Boost employee morale
Enhanced worker safety
Timely response to emergencies
Reduced downtime due to safety incidents

Protecting Manufacturing Leaders for over 20 years

Sky is using SoloProtect devices to keep workers safe while they work alone.

“From the first interaction with SoloProtect, they provided Bella Casa with a team of people who wanted to understand our needs and do the best possible job to meet those needs.”

Top pizza delivery company, Domino's, uses market-leading SoloProtect devices as part of a health and safety initiative to protect staff working alone.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can manufacturing companies keep lone workers safe?

Manufacturing companies can enhance the safety of lone workers by equipping them with lone worker safety devices. These devices serve as personal safety alarms, allowing workers to quickly raise an alert in emergencies. When an alert is triggered, it connects to an Emergency Dispatch Center, where operators can assess the situation and dispatch the appropriate response, such as calling the police, an ambulance, or notifying a manager, colleague, or security team. These devices may also provide GPS tracking to locate workers rapidly during incidents.

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Are there specific regulations that manufacturing companies must follow to protect workers?

Yes, there are specific regulations set by organizations like OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) that manufacturing companies must adhere to in order to protect their workers. These regulations cover various aspects of workplace safety, and compliance with them is crucial to ensuring the well-being of manufacturing employees.

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What are the benefits of using SoloProtect’s lone worker safety devices?

SoloProtect’s lone worker safety devices offer several benefits, including an automatic alert in the event of a slip, trip, or fall, ensuring swift assistance reaches the worker. These devices enhance the safety and security of factory workers, warehouse staff, plant engineers, delivery drivers, and others who work in isolated or remote locations within the manufacturing industry. They provide peace of mind to both workers and employers, helping to reduce risks and improve overall worker safety.

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SoloProtect is GSA approved for efficient municipal purchasing.
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