Mass Notification System

Send mass notifications to mobile app users to alert them of potential risks or live incidents that could affect their personal safety and/or business operations.

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How it works

SoloProtect's mass notification system is called “Risk Messaging”. The system allows managers to send emergency risk messages to employees from the SoloProtect Insights platform to notify them of an existing incident or potential risk that could affect their personal safety and/or their ability to do their job.

With Risk Messaging, "forewarned is forearmed".

Benefits of the Mass Notification System

A secure and quick way to proactively communicate urgent risk messages.
Prevents harm to workers (and, in some cases, members of the public) as they are forewarned of an incident.
Limits the impact of emergency incidents on business continuity.
Identifies which members of staff haven’t yet acknowledged the Risk Message so that further action can be taken to contact specific individuals, if necessary.
Makes efficient use of a customer’s existing personal safety solution, which already contains up to date escalation information for each mobile app user.
Effective, auditable, and fast alternative to text messaging (SMS), WhatsApp, social media, intranets, emails, or phone calls to keep staff in the loop in an emergency.


An issue or incident is identified that requires mass communication with employees to minimize the risk and impact.


On SoloProtect Insights, a manager types a succinct message or alert explaining the situation and any action employees need to take.


At the click of a button, the alert is quickly and easily sent to mobile app users.


Recipients are asked to confirm receipt of the message which can be tracked by managers in SoloProtect Insights.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should a mass notification system be used?

Examples of when a mass notification would need to be sent include terrorism incidents/threats; gas explosions; fire alarms; robberies; missing person; incidents of violence, aggression, or abuse; traffic collisions or road closures; system failures; cyberattacks; physical security breaches; flooding; or outbreaks of infectious diseases.

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How do you send a Risk Message?

Risk Messages can easily be sent to mobile app users via our Insights platform.

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What devices is the Risk Messaging feature compatible with?

The Risk Messaging feature is compatible with our mobile app.

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