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Let's Talk Numbers

fatalities in transportation and warehousing (NSC 2021)
of crimes against truck drivers are violent (CDL LIfe)
injures and illnesses in transportation and warehousing (BLS 2021)

Logistics Risks

Lifting and carrying heavy/cumbersome objects
Working with machinery and moving vehicles e.g. forklifts, cranes, trucks
Risk of attack or robberies when transporting/storing high value items
Lone working in vast warehouses or on the road
Possibility of road traffic accidents with damage to cargo
Risk of falling objects from high shelves or within trucks/containers
We recommend the Shield for workers in logistics

This device is small enough to not get in the way but rugged enough to withstand the work of an active role. But we understand that one size doesn't fit all! So why not mix and match to suit the requirements of your team?

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Our other devices:

Benefits for the Logistics industry

Reduced liability
Boost employee morale
Enhanced worker safety
Timely response to emergencies
Reduced downtime due to safety incidents

Protecting Logistics Leaders for over 20 years

Sky is using SoloProtect devices to keep workers safe while they work alone.

"The ID device was a great choice for us as many of our colleagues already carry ID cards, but we’re now trialling a range of other SoloProtect devices too..."

Suzy Lamplugh Trust campaigns for a world that's free from violence and aggression and uses the SoloProtect solution to keep their workers safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do transport and logistics workers need a personal safety solution?

Transport and logistics workers often work in isolated or potentially dangerous environments. They may spend long hours alone, encounter road traffic accidents, and face physical threats while carrying valuable cargo. SoloProtect provides a crucial safety net, offering peace of mind and immediate assistance when needed.

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What types of transport and logistics workers can benefit from personal safety solutions?

SoloProtect's solutions are suitable for a wide range of transport and logistics roles, including truck drivers, delivery personnel, warehouse staff, field service technicians, and anyone working alone or in remote or potentially hazardous environments within the industry. Our solutions are adaptable to various job functions and safety needs.

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How can SoloProtect solutions benefit logistics department managers?

SoloProtect solutions provide department managers with real-time insights into worker safety and solution usage through dashboard reporting. This information can help improve safety protocols and operational efficiency.

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Government employer?
SoloProtect is GSA approved for efficient municipal purchasing.
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