Man Down Alarm

Our Man Down Alarm provides a quick emergency response if a SoloProtect device or mobile app senses a slip, trip or fall.

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How it works

A Man Down Alarm (or "Incapacitation Alert") provides a quick emergency response if a device or app senses the user has suffered a slip, trip, fall, attack, health issue, or has become immobile for any other reason. When a Man Down Alarm is raised, a 2-way call is opened with an operator in our Monitoring Center who will quickly locate the device, talk to the user to assess the severity of the situation and notify the emergency services and/or the user's escalation contacts.

Incapacitation Alert: The difference between life and death.

Benefits of a Man Down Alarm

Ideal for anyone who works at height e.g. construction workers.
Ensures helps is called straight away after an accident - when seconds really matter.
Removes the need for an injured person to get to a phone to call 911.
Provides peace of mind that help will always be available.
Extremely useful for workers who suffer from a health condition such as epilepsy or a heart condition.
Audio recordings can be accessed after the event for training or legal purposes.


The device detects a slip, trip or fall and automatically activates a Man Down Alarm ("Incapacitation Alert").


The lone worker is connected to an operator in our Monitoring Center via a 2-way audio call.


The highly trained operator will quickly locate the worker and establish the seriousness of the incident.


Emergency services are dispatched and/or a manager or colleague responds to the incident.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of workers should carry a Man Down Alarm?

A Man Down Alarm is particularly useful for lone workers, people who work at height (e.g. construction workers, builders, surveyors, window cleaners, roofers), public-facing roles (e.g. retail or hospitality), community roles (e.g. social work or home health), or mobile workers (e.g. delivery drivers).

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What happens if a user falls but doesn't need assistance?

When a Man Down Alarm is activated, the device or app initially enters a pre-alert phase when it will vibrate and beep. The Alarm can be easily cancelled at this point before a call is raised with our Monitoring Center.

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How does the device or app know the user is incapacitated?

The software has been developed to detect a fall or drop followed by a period of no movement.

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What happens if the device or app user is unconscious?

If the device to app user is unconscious and unable to talk back through the device, our Monitoring Center operators will follow a pre-agreed escalation process to confirm their wellbeing.

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