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Ready2Talk is an innovative, proactive chaperone service designed to support workers in situations where there’s a clear safety risk.

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How it works

A Ready2Talk call should be activated when there's a clear safety risk (but a Red Alert emergency alarm is not yet required). The worker is connected to an operator in our Monitoring Center who will continue to listen in to the situation until the worker has confirmed they're safe. If an incident does occur, the operator will quickly escalate to a Red Alert.

With Ready2Talk, you're never truly alone.

Benefits of a Ready2Talk call

Provides support and reassurance to lone workers in non-emergency situations.
Empowers workers to choose the right protection for them following a dynamic risk assessment.
Workers are more effective in their roles due to improved peace of mind.
Super quick escalation to a Red Alert if an incident occurs during a Ready2Talk call.
Starts as a 2-way call and then reverts to a 1-way call for optimal discretion.
Available on our dedicted devices and our mobile app.


A worker identifies a risk to their safety and would like some support and reassurance.


A Ready2Talk call is activated on their device which connects the user to a Monitoring Center operator.


The highly-trained operator will then chaperone the worker until they have confirmed they're safe.


If an incident occurs, the operator will quickly escalate to a Red Alert and notify the emergency services.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should the Ready2Talk feature be used?

Ready2Talk should be used proactively when there is a clear safety risk e.g. walking through a dark car park past a group of people acting suspiciously.

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What's the difference between Ready2Talk and Check-In?

Check-In messages should be left regularly throughout the day - including if the device or app user feel uncomfortable. Ready2Talk should only be used if there's a very clear safety risk.

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What’s the difference between Ready2Talk and Red Alert?

A Red Alert is a reactive feature designed to be used in emergencies. Ready2Talk is a proactive feature which should be used prior to a situation escalating to a Red Alert.

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Is Ready2Talk available on all devices and apps?

Yes, our Ready2Talk feature is available on all of our lone worker safety devices and apps.

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