Protecting workers in the construction industry

Prioritize health and safety with our cutting-edge lone worker devices, now recommended by OSHA following huge $164K fines.
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fatalities in the construction industry (BLS 2021)


of fatalities occur following a fall from height (OSHA 2020)


injuries and illnesses in construction (BLS 2021)

Construction risks

Working with, or in the vicinity of, large and heavy moving vehicles
Working at height e.g. up a ladder, on a roof or up scaffolding
Working with hazardous and heavy materials
Working with dangerous tools e.g. power tools
Exposed to extreme weather conditions e.g. rain, wind, high /low temperatures
Loud noises e.g. jackhammers or drilling

We recommend the Shield for workers in construction

This device is small enough to not get in the way but rugged enough to withstand the work of an active role. But we understand that one size doesn't fit all! So why not mix and match to suit the requirements of your team?

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Our other devices:

Features to protect the Construction industry

Our customers choose from a mix of safety features to best suit the requirements of their workforce, reduce risk, and improve occupational safety and wellbeing.

Benefits for the Construction industry

Reduced liability
Boost employee morale
Enhanced worker safety
Timely response to emergencies
Reduced downtime due to safety incidents

Benefits for the Construction industry

Reduce possibility of OSHA fines
Boost employee morale
Enhanced worker safety
Timely response to emergencies
Reduced downtime due to safety incidents

Protecting Construction Leaders for over 20 years

Sky is using SoloProtect devices to keep workers safe while they work alone.

Top pizza delivery company, Domino's, uses market-leading SoloProtect devices as part of a health and safety initiative to protect staff working alone.

"Many of our colleagues are in front-line, customer-facing roles and SoloProtect’s lone worker devices give them immediate access to support in the event of an emergency.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is lone worker safety crucial for a safer construction industry?

Lone worker safety is essential for creating a safer construction industry. It demonstrates a commitment to worker well-being, ensures rapid responses to emergencies, reduces liability, and costs, and fosters a positive work culture. Prioritizing lone worker security is a proactive step toward minimizing risks and promoting a culture of care and responsibility in construction workplaces.

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How can lone worker security solutions benefit construction organizations beyond safety?

Besides enhancing safety, lone worker security solutions can have several positive impacts on construction organizations. They can improve overall operational efficiency by enabling real-time monitoring of worker locations and quick response to emergencies. Additionally, a safer work environment can attract skilled workers and improve employee morale, leading to increased productivity and reduced turnover.

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Which lone worker devices are ideal for construction workers?

Construction workers have a range of options when it comes to lone worker devices, including GPS-enabled devices, panic buttons, and man down alarms. These devices come with various features designed to enhance safety and communication. Organizations should carefully select the devices that align best with their unique safety requirements.

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Government employer?

SoloProtect is GSA approved for efficient municipal purchasing.
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